maven is not just a label.

It’s a story!

It is the love story of a family, whose smiles are behind each design & seam, so the good energy of those smiles stays in that dress until it’s recycled and gives positive energy to the life of the beautiful lady who wears them.
Maven is the story of the happy hands. One of the hands became a cause by which a needle kisses the fabric, nice & colorful ones, then penetrates with the thread to the heart of the textile and stays by its side forever... She sews every one of the clothes with love and care, so that inside of the clothes is even much cleaner than the outside ... because the comfort of the lady who wore it is the most important thing!
Maven’s story began when they realized that the earth needs us as human beings, to smile ... so they tried to reduce the fabric waste to zero and make with the smallest pieces of fabric, some scrunchies, chokers, bracelets, and ties... & give it as a gift to maven’s customers so it helps them to have a more stunning style.
As another member of the family has studied textile engineering and knows a fabric is made of; warp and weft, love and feeling, hands and smiles.... so she carefully chooses the most beautiful ones and knows their genuine value.
Another of them, she studied Fashion Design after completing her Biomedical Engineering master's degree. So she is the creative designer and dressmaker of Maven Label, and every time she designs a new dress, she draws a big smile on her mannequin face and says that this dress may not make the world a better place, but
the lady who wears this dress, certainly can!
Most importantly, Maven Label customers always become their best friends ... and Maven always strives for their satisfaction.

Maven Label, an Australian Demi-Couture fashion label, has become known for its unrepeated 3D fabrics sourced from Italy, providing its customers with an arrayed selection of eye-catching handmade designs, and divine unique dresses designed by Ghazal Shahangian, a fashion designer/dressmaker based in Brisbane whose garments embody a vision of feminine desires, spirits & elegance. 
Maven Label aims to empower women through luxury design and encourage personal expression by making just one dress from each design!
The Vegan Collection, The Underwater World Collection & The Australia Collection are its three collections in 2021; with artful & bold silhouettes & innovative fabrications as one of the greatest inspirers of modern fashion for women whose distinctive style is an embodiment of their individuality
The Underwater World Collection radiates a sense of quiet cool confidence and strength reflective through innovation in cut and design and embellished textiles, to the storytelling of each collection; resulting in a luxurious yet easy to wear approach.
Ghazal Shahangian dreams of fashion as art to wear, as a sustainable companion to a life filled with ethics. So Maven Label’s approach in terms of sustainability is to create beautifully considered timeless pieces, designed to be worn many times by any size & shape, and ethically handmade with a low impact on the environment by making bowties from the fabric waste. In addition, sustainable fashion also shows itself in The Vegan Collection, which is about sourcing raw plant-based materials and considering Mother Nature in production.
The Australia Collection is part romantic, part strong, part classic, and part futurist, Maven Label balances four elements to exude uniqueness and elegance. Each garment has a subtle street sensibility in its tailored relaxed cuts, raw accents, and classically inspired finishes, for a released undone quality to the clothes.
Each Maven Label piece is handmade & handstitched for you, from custom fabric. Garments are individually hand-cut, then sewn by Ghazal in Brisbane, in her home studios. Even fabric offcuts are used to make the signature 'surprise bowtie', belts, and accessories like scrunchies and bracelets.

And when your special piece is finished? She posts it out to you in an environmentally friendly package, in a crisp white & beige paper package that's a joy to unwrap. It’s a slow, ethical and sustainable small fashion label.
The newest range of Maven Label has tuned these aspects of Couture style towards a more relaxed design and fit. No matter what shape or size you are, you will feel strong & confident in Maven Label’s dresses due to its limited-edition garments uniquely capture the essence of clients individuality while staying true to the Maven Label aesthetic, creating an exclusive garment specifically designed for them, so they can’t see that beautiful unique dress anywhere else. As there is just one of that adorable dresses around the globe for you!

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